Strategy as a Service

We have executed dozens of strategy processes and assessed hundreds of plans. For several companies we have been a long term partner in setting, executing and communicating the strategy and business goals. We can either manage the whole strategy process or provide expertise and sounding body to assess your plans and follow the progress with the implementation.

Holistic view on Strategy

We can guide you in setting the strategy, defining goals and business objectives including metrics and follow up. With experience from all functions we can ensure your strategies are also executable covering f.ex Product, Sales and Marketing, R&D, Operations and Customer Support. 

Sales strategy

Scaling business internationally requires crisp focus and solid execution. We have guided dozens of companies to define best sales strategy, optimum go-to-market strategy for different markets and assisted in the implementation. Our truly global network has played an important role in establishing presence, closing first customers and recruiting local talents to enable growth.

Ownership strategy

There are different views between the owners how and to which direction to develop the company. Facilitating dialogue between the owners and setting clear direction to the company is necessary to unlock the situation. Required restructuring of the ownership is typically part of our scope.

Funding strategy

Decisions on funding are often the most important ones defining the future of the company. With our strong experience we can guide you through the painful decision making and assist in the execution.

M&A as a strategy

If your strategy is to scale business with M&A, we can execute the whole process from finding suitable targets, negotiating the deal and eventually supporting the integration.

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