Strategy as a Service

We have successfully executed dozens of strategy processes and evaluated hundreds of plans. Many companies rely on us as a long-term partner to develop, execute, and communicate their strategy and business goals. Whether managing the entire strategy process or providing expert oversight to assess your plans and monitor implementation progress, we offer comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

Holistic Strategy Development

We specialize in guiding you through setting strategic goals and objectives, including defining metrics and establishing effective follow-up processes. With extensive experience across all functional areas, we ensure your strategies are not only well-defined but also executable, covering areas such as Product Development, Sales and Marketing, R&D, Operations, and Customer Support.

Sales Strategy Expertise

Scaling a business internationally demands clear focus and robust execution. We have successfully guided numerous companies in defining their optimal sales strategy and go-to-market approach for diverse markets, providing hands-on assistance throughout implementation. Leveraging our extensive global network, we facilitate market entry, secure initial customers, and recruit local talent to support sustainable growth.

Ownership Strategy

Differing perspectives among owners on the direction of company development can stall progress. Facilitating dialogue and establishing clear direction for the company are essential to overcoming these challenges. We specialize in navigating ownership discussions and often include restructuring as part of our comprehensive approach.

Funding Strategy

Decisions regarding funding are often pivotal in shaping the future of a company. With our extensive experience, we excel in guiding you through these critical decisions and providing hands-on assistance in their execution.

M&A Strategy Execution

If your strategy involves scaling your business through M&A, we specialize in managing the entire process—from identifying suitable targets and negotiating deals to supporting seamless integration.

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