Capital Advisory

Funding Strategy

Decisions on funding are often the most important ones defining the future of the company. With our strong experience we can guide you through the painful decision making and assist in the execution.

Growth Capital

There are multiple sources for growth capital and each of them comes with some strings attached. We have experience in organising funding from multiple sources (VC, CVC, Family funds etc.) and are well connected with international investors.

Project Financing

Project funding for customer projects or technology demonstrations is frequently used to ensure development without dilution to the ownership of the technology company.

Financial Restructuring

There are multiple ways to structure your financing needs. Our experience working with these ensures efficient use of capital and optimised returns.

Our way of working

With an operative view from multiple industries and functions we are able to assess your company’s performance and define right metrics to demonstrate the progress in the eyes of investors. Our deep dive method builds on creating sustainable change and realistic growth plans for basis of a fundable company. With growth funding, we can assist in defining best funding strategy, contact suitable investors and assist in the negotiations. 

Some examples of our work

We have participated in over 50 funding rounds in different capacity. Some of our references include:

  • Growth capital for a SaaS company (4.5M€)
  • Project funding for a renewable energy company (17.4M€)
  • Growth funding for a media tech company (4M€)
  • Seed funding for a biotech company (1.2M€)
  • CVC funding for an energy company (4M€)
  • Spin out and growth funding for a medtech company (1M)
  • Seed funding for a high tech company (300k)

We can work with you in a flexible way that best supports the funding process. Description of the typical models is presented in the price sheet. Partial commission in equity is also a valid model for us.

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