Top team

Managing any company requires an integrated and balanced team with complementing skills. Quite often it is not possible to have such team in place. We can complement the team with mentoring, temporary executives or support in defining and finding the right skills needed.

Temporary Management

When there is a clear need to have additional skill for transition or executing market access, temporary management is a quick and risk averse solution. For temporary management, we have a pool of operative executives for fixed term assignments – part time or full time.


Any CxO or VP would benefit from frequent discussions with a seasoned business executive. Especially CEOs are often quite alone in making decisions. Frequent discussions with an analytical, people oriented mentor can provide you with support on your personal growth path or sounding body to test your decisions. 

Board Activity

Board work can be much more than just a follow up of operative progress. Whether it is about defining the roles needed in the board, finding those individuals to complement the board or improving the work of existing board, we are your trusted partner.

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